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Vigneti di proprietà
Coltivazione: con miscele di micorizze in modo da ottenere uve a più alto potere antiossidante.

Trattamenti: coltivazione ecologica Reg. U 1257/99 ex 2078

Vendemmia: dal 10 al 30 settembre

Pressatura: soffice in assenza di solfiti

Fermentazione: a temperatura controllata a 17-18°, dal 12 al 30 settembre con lieviti selezionati in assenza di solforosa.

Spumantizzazione: metodo Charmat

Grado: 12,5% vol. naturale in vigneto

Ph: 3,3

Acidità: 6-6,5 g/l

Zuccheri: 5,6 g/l

Colore: giallo paglierino intenso con bel perlage persistente

Temperatura di servizio: 12-14°C

Abbinamenti: ideale per aperitivi o dessert ma anche ideale per chi ama pasteggiare con vini frizzanti

Aroma: intense note fruttate miste a pan-brioche e sentore di lieviti

Sapore: morbido consistente con lunga persistenza

Informazioni aggiuntive

Peso1.5 kg
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Politica di spedizione


By accepting our terms and conditions, you agree to entrust your shipment to Mail Boxes Etc. who will take care of sending your goods through the various couriers as specified below.

Mail Boxes Etc. is a Franchise network of stores spread throughout the national territory offering to its public several services such as the express courier shipment service, graphic design and printing, mailboxes, office products sale and printing of photography products. Sistema Italia 93 S.r.l. with Headquarter in Viale Lunigiana 35-37 20125 Milan is the Franchisor of the MBE network. The MBE Centers are owned by independent entrepreneurs operating under the MBE trademark as a result of a franchise agreement, taking all responsibility in relation to services and products offered to the Customers.

The Franchisor has created a website in order to facilitate the collection of online orders on behalf of the participating MBE Centers ,which will fulfill such orders under their own exclusive responsibility given the fact that the Franchisor has no operational management, commercial and administrative responsibility of such orders.

The customer has the option to order at the local MBE Center chosen, according to the specific conditions and terms established, the shipment service utilizing the express couriers under agreement.

At the moment the order is placed, the Customer will have to pay the service requested in advance at the chosen MBE Center, by credit card or any other online payment method.

The Customer asks and the MBE Center agrees that the execution of the order will occur at the moment the order is placed, therefore during and not after 14 (fourteen) days pursuant to art. 59 of Legislative Decree no. 206/2005 and subsequent amendments, in order to exercise the right of withdrawal.

The present terms and conditions (hereinafter the “Agreement”) apply to all shipping orders entrusted by the Customer to the MBE Center affiliated with the MBE network, whose data are shown on the invoice that will be concurrently issued with the payment through the www.mbe.it website (hereinafter the “Website”).

1. Subject

By sending the order the Customer instructs the MBE Center to conclude, on his behalf, a transportation contract with one of the following couriers (UPS, SDA, FedEx, TNT, Sogetras. Terms and conditions for transport can be downloaded from the following websites: www.ups.it, www.sda.it, www.fedex.it, www.tnt.it, www.sgt.it) which shall arrange delivery to the designated destination. In particular through the website the Customer asks the MBE Center the following:

(i) the electronic management of the order and the delivery of the package to the courier,

(ii) the potential packing and any logistic service linked to the processing of the orders placed (by clicking on the appropriate option),

(iii) Service of pick-up and delivery to the courier (by clicking on the appropriate option, otherwise the customer will have to go directly to the chose MBE Center, within 24 hours from the moment the order was placed).

2. Acceptance of assignments

Placing an order through the Website is an irreversible request of assignment by the Customer on behalf of the  MBE Center which reserves the sole right to accept the request and start executing the order within the following day the order was placed (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and any national holidays). Within this deadline the MBE Center will notify the Customer with the outcome of the request (“order taken in charge” or “order refused “). For the second case (“order refused”) the entire amount paid by the customer for the order will be refunded within 10 (ten) days. This refund will have no additional cost for the MBE Center. Every modification of the order by the Customer represents a new order, and for this, the MBE Center reserves the right to apply the tariffs established for that type of order.

MBE Center does not accept the execution of orders taken in charge and / or transport activities concerning dangerous goods, which could harm people, animals, goods or other things, or are subject to deterioration, free of packaging or having inadequate packaging or lacking of it: dangerous goods are those goods classified as dangerous by IATA, IMO, ICAO, or contained within the ADR / RID regulations. Should such goods be assigned to the MBE Center without its prior consent, or should the Customer’s order be accepted on the basis of incorrect, incomplete or misleading indications, in relation to the nature or value of the goods, the MBE Center has the right to terminate the contract, or, if circumstances require to, refuse, deposit or otherwise dispose of such goods, or, in case of danger, to proceed with their destruction, and the Customer is required, in such case, to answer for all the damaging consequences and for the expenses that may occur due to any reson. The MBE Center reserves the right to inspect packages delivered in order to verify the content for the sole purpose of safety rules compliance.

MBE Center does not accept the execution of orders taken in charge and / or transport activities related to goods considered “forbidden” by couriers, including but not limited to: values, coins, precious goods, art, antiques, live animals, weapons, ivory and ivory products, tradable goods and prepaid cards, passports, public or private tender participation offers, pornographic materials, perishable goods, animal skins, furs, tobacco and tobacco products. Should such goods be assigned to the MBE Center without its prior consent, or should the Customer’s order be accepted on the basis of incorrect, incomplete or misleading indications, in relation to the nature or value of the goods, the MBE Center has the right to terminate the contract, or, if circumstances require to, refuse, deposit or otherwise dispose of such goods, or, in case of danger, to proceed with their destruction, and the Customer is required, in such case, to answer for all the damaging consequences and for the expenses that may occur due to any reason. The MBE Center reserves the right to inspect packages delivered in order to verify the content for the sole purpose of safety rules compliance.

In relation to international shipments, specifically outside the European Union, there are specific restrictions and customs regulations, subject to frequent variations, relating to the goods that can be shipped and the appropriate documentation.

3. Prices. Weight, dimensions and time frames related to shipments 

Details related to prices, dimensions and time frames for the execution of orders are shown in detail within the pages related to the calculation of the price which are part of the initial purchase process of a shipment.

4. Changes to this Agreement and cancellation of the shipping service

The Customer acknowledges that prices and contract terms are subject to modifications over time. Also, the type of service on behalf of the Customer can be modified, indicating on the Website the peculiarities referring to the new service with its technical specifications, as well as the new established economic conditions. These changes will clearly not affect orders already taken in charge. In addition, one or more services may be canceled due to technical and operational or commercial impediments.

5. Invoicing and Payment

The payment and invoicing of the shipping service on behalf of the Customer are contextual to the request of the shipping service itself. The Customer agrees to receive invoices issued by the MBE Center via e-mail.

6. Declarations and guarantees of the Customer

The Customer guarantees and therefore declares:

  • that during the entry of orders, true, correct and complete information is input (including but not limited to: sender and recipient’s database, shipments data including the value for the potential insurance, email addresses and telephone numbers) having otherwise the cancellation of the order as consequence;
  • that the shipment has been correctly and carefully described on each transportation document;
  • that has acknowledged the goods that MBE Center declared as not acceptable for transport and that they were not included within the shipment;
  • that the nature of the goods, the number, quantity, quality, content of the packages, gross weight (including weight of packaging and volume of the same), the size and any other indication given is true and correct; in case of discrepancies the MBE Center will ensure the correction of the invoice price and the Customer shall proceed with the payment of the difference or shall receive a refund of what overpaid;
  • that the packaging and labeling used, in relation to goods within and transportation methods, are considered appropriate.

The Customer expressly declares to maintain the MBE Center free from any damage, claim or expense of any kind, resulting from the breach of the guarantees above indicated, as well as insufficiency, inadequacy or lack of packing and failure to report the necessary handling and lifting precautions on goods and packages.

Should the need to carry out and look after customs operations exist, the Customer guarantees that the documentation coming with the goods is authentic, complete and free of irregularities and that the goods strictly correspond to the type described and comply with current regulations and that they are export / import free and in compliance with their labelling. The customer is also required to provide in due time all information, data, customs codes, entries and customs classifications of the goods and all the documents necessary to carry out the customs operations. In addition, the Customer authorizes the MBE Center to manage all data referring to the shipment including potential sensitive data, in order to allow the MBE Center to carry out all the administrative and / or operational practices, that may or may not electronically executed, in order to ensure the best care for the shipment.

7. Express termination clause

The MBE Centre will be entitled to the right to terminate this Agreement should a Customer’s breach of the obligations provided in the previous articles occur, except for the compensation for damages.

8. Responsibilities limitations

8.1- Any liability that may also arise towards third parties, in relation to the nature of the contents of the shipment, can only be configured to the Customer; therefore the MBE Center denies any responsibility from facts, events and circumstances relating to the content of packages subject to shipping.

8.2- The MBE Center is not responsible for carrying out the transportation, but only for the delivery of the shipment to the courier.

8.3- The MBE Center denies any responsibility in relation to the outcome of the transportation of packages accepted, nor the loss or damage of any content due to any reason.

8.4- In case of any loss or damage of such packages the MBE Center will, on behalf of the Customer, and extra-judicially, request a refund from the courier. The MBE Center takes no responsibilities for the refund refusal on behalf of the courier and shall not be required to reimburse the damage. Compensation for loss or damage is limited to the maximum set by the Legislative Decree no. 286/2005 and subsequent amendments for shipments to Italy, or by the Warsaw Convention of the 12th of October 1929 and subsequent amendments related to changes for air shipments, or by the Geneva Convention of the 19th of May 1956 for international road haulage.

8.5- The MBE Center’s responsibility, when established and on its part, in relation to any damage and the subsequent demand for compensation from given shipping operations , including any technical interruptions, shall not exceed the compensation limit relied upon by the courier to whom the goods have been entrusted based on and uniform with the rules applicable to each individual shipment or with the national law applicable to the individual transport and / or shipment, including the Italian law, and in any case the applicable indemnity relied upon by the courier who effectively executes the transportation.

8.6- The MBE Center takes no responsibility for the damaging of packages packed by the Customer. The responsibility of packages packed by the Customer is limited to the case of loss of such package, but not its damage.

8.7-Should the transportation be insured, the courier will take responsibility for the repair or replacement value only based on the declared value appropriately documented.

8.8- The MBE Center takes no responsibility for the delivery time on behalf of the courier.

8.9- Any declaration done by a member of staff of the MBE Center regarding the potential delivery date, represents only an opinion. The MBE Center takes no responsibility for any shipment delay on behalf of the courier.

8.10- In no case the MBE Center or its suppliers will be responsible for damages (including, with no limitations, damage for loss or profit loss, damage of data related to orders, customers and anything regarding the payment system, interruption of activity, loss of information or any other financial loss) as a result of utilizing the Website, even when the MBE Center has been informed of the possibility of such damages.

9. Applicable law

The parties unanimously declare that this Agreement shall be governed and interpreted according to the Italian law.

10. Jurisdiction

Except in cases where the competence is mandatorily established by law , such as in the case of disputes with consumers ,all disputes arising in relation to the interpretation, execution and validity of this Agreement shall be exclusively part of the Court of Milan’s jurisdiction.

PRIVACY DISCLAIMER  pursuant to art. 13 of Legislative Decree 30 June 2003 n. 196

The company Service Center Tor Vergata. in his capacity as owner of the processing of personal data, inform the customer that the same data to be provided by, may be used for: a) provide for the registration site www.justitalynow.com (hereinafter the “Site”); b) to fulfill orders, deliver products and provide the services requested by you through the Site, as well as process payments, manage complaints and communicate with the user in relation to the above; c) perform statistical and interactive commercial communication surveys, via SMS, email (including through DEM and newsletters), fax, making calls without the intervention of an operator in relation to the products and / or services offered by the Service Center of Tor Vergata Cerrella Carlo. The data provided for the purposes set out in points a) and b) data necessary for the execution of the contract for the provision of services required by the Customer through the Site, including through business partners (eg for logistics operations, payment , etc.) and do not require the consent of the customer itself under Article 24 c. 1 letter. b of Legislative Decree 196/2003. The provision of personal data by the Client for the purposes specified under a) and b) in order to receive the services requested is required. The failure, partial or inaccurate data for the purposes mentioned under a) and b) may make it impossible to provide the customer the required services. The data provided for the purposes of paragraph c) requires the express consent of the customer, in accordance with Articles 23 and 130 of Legislative Decree no. 196/03.

The treatment will be carried out either with the aid of automated instruments, either by paper in order to collect, consult, store, manage, extract and transmit the same data. For the processing of personal data Service Center Tor Vergata will employ responsible and in charge of processing identified in the Technical Reference areas, commercial and administrative. Some technical processing operations or organizational or management, functional and closely related to the provision of services required by the customer, will be performed by third parties and / or subsidiaries or associates.

    Service Center Tor Vergata also specifies that it may use “cookies” (ie text files sent to and stored on the client terminal to be relayed to the next visit of the same), or other similar instruments in order to make it more easily the use of services requested by the same client, as well as the collection of information concerning the customer, navigation of the latter on the Site, the choices and preferences of product. This will allow Service Center Tor Vergata making through data collected profiling of customer that will send targeted and personalized advertising. The Customer may at any time revoke the authorization granted and oppose the use of cookies by selecting the appropriate settings on your browser. For more information on how to disable cookies readreview the cookie.

    The customer has the right to obtain confirmation of whether or not personal data concerning him and may at any time exercise their rights under Article 7 of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003, in the manner provided for in Articles 8 and the following of the Decree, and in particular, the Customer has the right to: – the origin of personal data and the purposes and methods of treatment; – the logic applied in case of treatment carried out with the aid of electronic instruments; – updating, rectification or integration of data; – the cancellation, the transformation in anonymous form or the block of data processed in violation of the law, including those whose retention is not necessary in relation to the purposes for which the data were collected or subsequently processed; – L’ certification that the operations of updating, rectification, integration, cancellation, transformation in anonymous form or the block, have been made known, also as regards their content, of those to whom the data have been communicated or distributed, except in the case where this proves impossible or involves a disproportionate use of means with respect to the protected right; – the persons or classes of persons to whom the data may be communicated or who can learn about them as managers or agents, and the scope of dissemination of said data. The customer also has the right to object, in whole or in part: – for legitimate reasons the processing of personal data, pertinent for collection purposes;

    5. RIGHTS
    Service Center of Tor Vergata will take action on the data as well as any other information relevant to the customer if it believes in good faith that such activity is necessary to: a) protect its own interests and / or third parties; b) conform to legal requirements or provisions of any competent authority; c) support the competent law enforcement authorities in the repressive activities of illicit put in place over the Internet from one well but not necessarily in the use of services and / or or more users in which the use of services has been at any instrumental way the Board of any type of crime; d) to assert their rights in every place, state, degree and against anyone; e) defend against third party disputes that claim that an action and / or omission of ‘ user in every way into being through the services and / or a user of services violates their rights. In any case, the Cerrella Charles Service Center Tor Vergata may communicate the data provided by the Customer to public and / or private entities that can access data in compliance with legal requirements, regulations or laws.

    The data controller is the Service Center of Tor Vergata with its registered office in Rome, Via di Tor Vergata 257. Taking view of this information, the customer gives his consent to the processing and communication of personal data for the purposes and in the manner described above. This consent will be recorded by Cerrella Service Center Tor Vergata Carlo and may be revoked at any time by the customer.

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